Da Challenge

Normally I would talk about my first day of school now, since that was yesterday but you know what? I am just tooooo pumped!!! I got linked to that 7 link challenge thing that has been goin’ around!

I almost felt left out before. A loner. Odd blogger out, if you will.

But now I’m one of them. :)

Blue jellybeans pequenas perlas de sabor (woo! What a mouthful) recently made me feel like a total rock star and tagged me. If you’re unfamiliar with the 7 link challenge that’s been going around here in the blog world, this is what it is. You select posts from 7 different categories in your blog, then pass the fun on to another blogger. You gotta link at least 5 other bloggies who haven’t done it yet.

The 7 Categories are..

  1. Most Popular Post
  2. Most Controversial Post
  3. Most Helpful Post
  4. Most Beautiful Post
  5. Most Surprisingly Successful Post
  6. Most Under-Rated Post
  7. Most Proud of Post

Alrighty then, here we go!!

  1. Most Popular Post

    Alright my most popular were “Home Page” with About the Author clost behind…I’m just going to take a wild guess here and assume that I’m not supposed to say those. Next would be Pretzels, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate, Oh My!. Quality choice there, bloggies. You make me proud. Those little nuggets were pure heaven in one bite.

    2. Most Controversial Post

    It was kinda hard for me to decide on this one. In the end I decided to go with the Food for Thought post. This was in the first month that I started blogging, but I’m actually pretty happy with this one.
    Some people may thing beggars are just lazy people who just feel like sitting on their booties all day taking people’s money. Trust me, the thought has gone through my little noggin, too.
    Maybe not all beggars are perfect people. Maybe they aren’t all honest or responsible or respectful. But hey, would it really kill some people to give em a buck or two to try and get them back on the right track?
    Choose your battles.
    And may sure you really are doing the right thing. There are some phonies out there. ( Not to contradict everything I’ve just said..)

    3. Most Helpful Post

    I think I’m gonna have to give this one to my wonderful momma. I don’t really feel like I’m super helpful on here or informative. I kinda just give you recipes to get your muffin top on…
    Anyways back to being helpful! When my mom did a wonderful guest post on my blog about a month bag, I was really impressed with the No-Roll Pie Crust. Especially in a crunch this pie crust would be fabulous for any pie. Props to mom!

    4. Most Beautiful Post

    It was REALLY, REALLY hard for me to decide on this one!! I really liked most of my cupcake posts, something about the frosting on top just makes them look so cute and yummy!
    I decided to go with the Funfetti Cake post on this one. How can you go wrong with funfetti?

    5. Most Surprisingly Successful Post

    I was honestly truly shocked by this one. The Hot Milk Cake post, got way more hits than I would’ve thought.
    I didn’t really feel like it would photograph that well and I didn’t think the name sounded too appealing (then again, it has “cake” in it! durr)…but it actually turned out alright!
    I’m super happy you guys liked this one because it really is a yummy thing to wake up to in the morning for breakfast or even just a snack during the day. 

6. Most Under-Rated Post

Brownie Cookies

Seriously, drop everything you are doing right now and make these. This is not a joke. You’re wasting time right now. Just print the recipe and get your toosh out in the kitchen.

These babies stay all gooey inside even after the first day. I honestly can’t tell you what happens after that…they were all long done before the third day.

‘Nuff said.

7. Most Proud of Post

I’m gonna go with two on here. Sorry, I’m a rule breaker. If that really hurts your feelings. I’m sorry.

Moving on.

The first one is kinda a deep post. One that made me cry just reading it and thinking of memories and events and have happened with my family and my friends. The You’re Only Given One post was written when some feelings were still very raw, which can be pretty dangerous. But I really have no regrets on that one. I still think it is a very touching post and I’m thinking about reading it more often to give myself that reminder of how much I have been blessed.

The second one is a recipe post. Really, what else would it be? I have to give this one to the Tagalongs post. These are definitely up there with the Brownie Cookies, both a bit under-rated.

Honestly, the post itself isn’t that spectacular but the recipe is phenomenal!

Tagalongs are my favorite Girl Scout Cookie and it saddens me that they don’t sell them all year long. :( I had to have my Tagalongs. There was no stopping me. These were everything I dreamed of and beyond!!! Don’t be intimidated by the steps!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I make a bajillion goofy mistakes all the time in the kitchen. YOU CAN MAKE THESE.

Bad picture, I know. But it was the first couple weeks of the blog! Please don’t discriminate against this lovely cookie.

Well thanks for reading! ;)

Here are the 5 bloggers I’m gonna tag now, hope they haven’t done this yet!:

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Random Fact of the Day: If you know a (male) millionaire who happens to be married, the most likely profession of his wife is a teacher