Something new for you to check out!!! PART ONE

About a week ago I was kindly given the opportunity to taste and review a bunch of products. Some of them were a couple flavors of Calavo chips. They’re very big on being natural, and take much pride in their avocados. :) To be honest I was super excited but a bit more than a little skeptical on some of the items.

I could NOT have been more shocked by the guacamole chips. Really, I think they might have been my favorite. Green chips have kinda just seemed a little freaky to me in the past.

I know, I was a chip racist.

I am better now. More accepting. I embrace all colors now. Green, you are great. More than great. Freaking awesome!

They are surprisingly addicting. However they do not taste exactly like guacamole but there is a resemblance of guacamole in there with a combination of unique spices that give it a distant and delicious taste. I am really having a difficult time describing them, just buy them yourself!!!

The sea salt chips were definitely no brussel sprouts dipped in mud, either. I have never been one of those sea salt fanatics. I guess I never really gave it a fair shot before.

Sea salt is my friend now.

It really makes the chips pop. You can really taste it in there without being over-powering. Somehow sea salt can’t be overpowering. Or I could just have a super high tolerance. I don’t know.

I tried these chips with some amazing salsas that are to be coming soon! Sooo delicious. My favorite one was the sweet pineapple ginger salsa with it. YUMMM.

So…Keep your eye out for Calavo chips!! You will be happy you did:) 

okay, more to come!

This new sea salt thing has made me even want to try sea salt chocolate, apparently it’s delicious!

Random Fact of the Day: Eleven top executives of the Direct Marketing Association (the telemarketers’ group that is trying to kill the federal “Do Not Call” list) have registered for the list themselves.

2 thoughts on “Something new for you to check out!!! PART ONE

  1. Those chips are looking mighty tasty! …Green chips would kind of throw me off at first but I think I’d warm up ;) …And those sea salt ones Mmmm! I actually have a pretty extreme salt intolerance (usually with high sodium pre-packaged or restaurant food are the things that set if off, where the sodium is incredibly high…) but love sea salt in chocolate! And I think those chips would have me hooked too! :)

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