Quite recently I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, by Giovanna from Blue Jelly Beans and I’m super pumped!

I love this fun little games that go around the blogging world. Anyways I’m sorry if I’m lacking in interesting stuff about myself, I have been on this world for less than 18 years and all..

So here is how the Versatile Blogger Award works, you just have to share 7 little-known things about yourself and nominate 15 other bloggers. Hold up. 15?!? Who do they think I am?? Oh boy well, that will certainly be a challenge. Anyways, I’m honored to be nominated by such an amazing blogger.

Giovanna is actually a really interesting blogger, you should check out her about page!

Alright here we go…7 things:

  1. I am extremely scared of needles: I actually have to lay down when I get shots or blood tests. Thinking about it even makes me woozy. I’ve thought at times a tattoo could be cool, but the needles would just kill me. I would totally wimp out. There is one specific time I remember when I was little where I was getting shots for school (I believe this was around the time of kindergarten/1st grade) and I was screaming and jerking my arms everywhere like a little tornado. I have been told I was audible from outside and down the hall. Shots are over-rated in my opinion, I mean what did they do in Jesus times???
  2. I love to sew: Despite my monstrous fear of needles, I have loved to sew since my 7th grade home economics class. My mom let me get my own sewing machine after that class and I have made several items. I don’t think I’ll be making anything extravagant like my wedding dress or anything, but I find it relaxing and rewarding. It’s kinda similar to cooking where there is a little work but then when you finish the final project, you just feel so proud and excited!
  3. I’m addicted to Cran-Grape Juice: This is not a joke. I seriously may have a problem…I drank 6 bottles all by myself in the past week. I’m drunk on antioxidants!!!
  4. That vast majority of my heritage is [supposedly] Native American: According to my Grandpa Bill (my dad’s dad) his grandma (so my great-great grandma) was 100% Native American. Also, according to my gram (my mom’s mom) her grandma was 100% Native American as well. Hmm…I do wear moccasins a lot! Haven’t quite committed to the whole tee-pee thing though.
  5. I check my room every night before I go to bed for scary stalkers/bugs: This is embarrassing. But it’s something unique, right? Hopefully you don’t think I’m some kind of paranoid psycho. I really do act like a “normal” person, in real life. But I do happen to check under my dresser, bed, and in my  closet for the scary stalker people. (I have yet to come across one, phew!) I also check under my sheets and under my pillow for bugs. Now I promise you this, I have a LEGIT reason. I was scarred a few times in my younger years. I have two three specific memories engraved in my head of bug experiences.   ONE: I remember once waking up with a lady bug right in front of my nose. (good morning?) TWO:  Right before bed one night as I was getting all comfy I found a little spidery friend at the foot of my bed, under the sheets. THREE: My bedroom is beneath one of the attics in our house. For a while there was a dark spot developing on the ceiling right above my bed. I didn’t tell my parents about it for a while because I figured it would somehow magically disappear. Well, it continued to grow…Finally I told my parents. We later discovered that there was a ginormous bee’s nest rapidly growing in our attic and we had to hire an exterminator to get rid of those guys. Keep in mind, my mom is deathly allergic to bees. Fortunately, I’ve never been stung, but I have no idea if I’m allergic. I’d prefer not to find out!!!
  6. I once wanted to be a show choir girl: Back in middle school, before the “Glee” days, show choir was the thing to be in. Like if you made it in, your cool meter just went WAY up. I, wanting to get a jump start, decided to try out in 6th grade. Being the natural athlete I was, I had never really gotten cut from any team, I had always been on the top team as a pretty good player. My winning streak stopped in 6th grade at that show choir audition. I did ah-mazing on the dance routine. I freaking owned it!!! I’m pretty sure I still remember most of the dance to this day. I still remember the song, “Life is a Highway“. Anyways, the singing audition was the next day. I chose good ‘ol “Amazing Grace”. I busted that out and I felt like I was just on top of the world! Turns out I’m a pretty crappy singer. Trust me though, it sounds amazing in my head. Like I could make millions off that voice in my head. Anyhow, I didn’t make show choir. That’s it.
  7. My favorite animal is a puffin: has been since I found out what one is. who couldn’t love this little guy?!?
  1. Julie from Spinach and Sprinkles (I’m pretty sure she already did something similar to this, but she’s awesome so I would just like to let you all know that. Also, she doesn’t have to do this if shes already done it! no pressure :))
  2. Kristy from Eat, Play, Love
  3. Lauren from Keep it Sweet
  4. Deborah from The Monster in Your Closet
  5. Lynn from The Actor’s Diet
  6. Mrs. Veggie Pants
  7. alright, i give up this is too freaking hard. YOU WIN CHALLENGE!
  8. yo mama
  9. muffin
  10. meep
  11. car
  12. woot woot
  13. BOO!
  14. trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat
  15. ZZzzzz

Wow, think I’m in a weird mood?

Random Fact of the Day: In Tokyo, they sell toupees for dogs

7 thoughts on “Flattered!

  1. Casey! Thank you so much for the award! That is so sweet of you. And congratulations on receiving it! :) So you already know that I used to check my room every night for bugs/spiders, but here’s a few more for you – my daughter is equally addicted to cranberry juice, same brand just without the grape. My husband loves puffins and I’m totally with you on the needle thing (although two pregnancies has helped a bit with that). Have a great afternoon and thanks again! :)

  2. Bahahaha 7-15 totally made me laugh out loud!!!! :) I needed that today. Thanks, Casey! ….As for the sweet comment- thank you. Honestly, thank you!
    Your favorite animal is sooooooooo cute! Who wouldn’t love the little thing?! And as for your love of sewing, you’re not alone! I initially wanted to be a Home Economics teacher but decided that elementary school teacher was more stable. We should look into being Home Economics teachers, we would ROCK! :)

  3. Thanks for tagging me Casey, I am totally flattered :)
    Also, I am afraid of needles as well, but I have 15 tattoos… the tattoo gun does not look like a needle at all, so it is possible to psych yourself out and tell yourself it is not a needle at all. Just something to think about! I would suggest watching someone else getting tattooed (which you can do at any tattoo parlor, if you tell them you are thinking about getting one but want to watch first) before you make up your mind.
    … And I check our bedroom for spiders before I go to bed every night, so I do not think you are a paranoid psycho! lol

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