Samoas Bars

Wow, so many amazing, awesome, crazy things have been going on around here lately!!!

First off, if you haven’t noticed the button yet on the side bar over there–> , I won an award! Woo Hoo! If you’re shocked, multiply your reaction by 438574 and that is mine. It’s such an honor to receive recognition, and really quite a huge motivator. Thanks, Become!

Secondly,  my first Secret Recipe Club (SRC) post was overwhelmingly successful! You guys are seriously the best! Blogging is not easy by any means, whatsoever. However, it is super fun and very rewarding. My post was actually the most popular post out of our group! I wouldn’t have been able to done it without the amazing blog I was assigned, Life and Kitchen.

I can not even stress enough how thankful I am to have such wonderful readers. You guys truly rock!! I honestly have no idea what direction I’m heading sometimes when I’m writing a post, then I feel like I just published a huge piece of poop. But then you guys still comment such nice things anyways! :)

The blogiverse is like one big happy family, that is what makes all the blood sweat and tears (slight exaggeration) worth it. Love you all!

Now enjoy this delicious bar recipe that is inspired by the famous Girl Scout Cookie, the Samoa! Please excuse my messy cutting!! 

This photo above was taken the first day, these are much better the second day and days to follow. They are also easier to cut as you can see by the pictures after this one.



Recipe at  love veggies and yoga

  • These are best the second day!! They might seem oily the first day.

Random Fact of the Day: The leg bones of a bat are so thin that no bat can walk.

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