Week in Review

Okay, here it is. This week in one post, I’m thinking of starting this on a regular basis as some other bloggers like Confessions of Cookbook Queen does and Brown Eyed Baker and I always like reading them so I can see the whole week in one single post. It’s really pretty convenient if you had a busy week and just want to see what ya missed.

To start the week off on Sunday, I got my secret recipe club assignment! So excited :) I wish I could tell you guys who it is so it would be easier to choose what recipe to try, but I guess that would like totally ruin the purpose of the game. If you don’t know what the secret recipe club thing is all about…click here or here or here!

Monday started off with the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, which I must add look a bit like pieces of coal in the pictures. I can assure you, however, they taste nothing like coal. In fact, they’re dangerously delicious.

This week has been especially nice for me. Not only did I have no school on Monday, but I also had the day off on Tuesday! I didn’t do anything too crazy, I just loved having the long weekend to just vedge out after the stressful week of finals testing.

This Monday I had my first ACT tutoring session, which was just greaaat.. I’ll save more details for that in a different post.

Tuesday, I went back to the gym after about a week of considering anything as strenuous as walking up stairs a form of legitimate exercise (don’t judge…). It was rough, though. But wait, this totally just made me think of that show that’s coming onto Food Network. Please tell me you’ve seen the commercials for it! Super freaky, it’s like about these overweight chefs who are addicted to eating. Gonna be honest here, it kinda scares me! Like what if I become that?! Vowing now to exercise and stay fit and eat right,  but then again I don’t want to be like a food Nazi. Balance can sure be a pain in the butt. But I digress..

On Wednesday the pretzel rolls came out. Uber awesome! You must make these. I promise you will love them. We had them with chicken one night, froze the leftover rolls and about a week later had them with burgers. Deee-lish!

Thursday was just a plain Jane old type of day..nothin’ too exciting. I may have had a record number cups of cappuccino that day. I’m like totally addicted to double mocha cappuccino from Aldi. Yes, Aldi. In case you don’t have one by you it’s this little grocery store that is owned by Trader Joes and has like everything right in the world for less $$$. Winningggg

Friday I posted my FAVORITE Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie recipe in the entire world!! These cookies are just beyond incredible…I have no words. Just make them. Please! All other oatmeal cookie recipes just look like little rocks of blah compared to these babies.

Sorry for the blurry-ish looking picture, I was just too excited!

Another thing that’s been going on…

I have been applying to a bunch of jobs lately because I recently realized how awesome money is to have in your wallet. I have interviewed for one possible job already but there are only 2 spots open and like apparently everyone in the world wants that job so the odds of me getting that one are slim even though I would love it. The place that I already interviewed for was this Christian camp that is in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and it’s really just an incredible place. I have gone there as a camper since I was a wee little tater tot and have just always left the camp super sad to leave. The camp has left a huge impression on me as a person and I have always wanted to go back and give similar kids the same awesome experience I had. Anyways my chances are slim, so I have applied for some other back-up options.

The two other places I applied for is the park district where I have worked the past 3 summers as a swim instructor for young kids and a few special needs kids, who are the most adorable kids in the entire world, and the other place is Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks!!! I LOVE Starbucks. Hellooo yummy drinks! Anyways, Friday was supposed to be the day of my interview but it snowed like a billion inches so they called and cancelled, so now we have to reschedule. I was so surprised to even get an interview with them because I never see kids as young as me working there, but I’ll take it! I hear it’s a great place to work and hey, how can you go wrong making money inhaling the awesome smells of Starbucks?!

Well, this post was longer that I thought it would be..clearly I had more to say than I thought. Have a great weekend!