Week in Review (1/22-1/28)

Monday I shared the awesome Chips Ahoy Truffles. Who knew the classic Oreo truffles recipe could be so versatile? Makes me want to try making everything into truffle form!

On Tuesday the disease monster started knocking on the front door…

Wednesday I showed you guys the recipe for a good spice rub we like to have on hand in our house. It’s perfect for everything! You can throw it on chicken for a quick, tasty meal or season fries with it. Simple and delicious.

I stayed home from school on Wednesday. Now that is like  a HUGE deal for me. I just do not miss school. No excuses. Except when you feel like a giant piece of blah.

Thursday I tried going back to school, pretty much a blur. I think I might have gotten a few strange looks from some teachers. I was not exactly my normal self. I had taken quite a bit of medication.. Well I had a sports physical after school after school and I talked to the doctor about what was going on. He said it sounds like it could just be a virus that should be gone in a few days but to call him if it doesn’t go away soon because it could be something more serious. So I went home and continued sleeping. I don’t think I’ve ever slept so much in my entire life.

Friday I shared my FAVORITE chocolate chip cookie recipe ever!! This is NOT to be confused with my favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Totally different. This is my favorite oat-less chocolate chip cookie :) Easy and delicious! Plus I discovered how awesome brown butter is. Where has this been all my life? It gives the cookies a really awesome deep flavor.

I stayed home from school AGAIN on Friday and took it easy. Still feeling pretty icky. I’ve watched a bunch of TV, movies, and done a TON of sleeping. Just the annoying thing about being sick is that you can’t even enjoy being super