Week in Review (1/30-2/4)

Monday I shared a new ice cream flavor. It has just a few of my favorite things ;). I also went back to school and sucked it up like a champ. The coughing still sounds like strange goat screeches (in my head, not sure what they sound like to real people..) and my voice is what every 12 year-old boy wishes his could be. I’m quite the catch ;)

Tuesday I went to school again, still sick, and made up my ACT class that I missed right after school. It’s really a miracle that I drove home safely because I was capital T-Tired!!!! I also learned that people are not always nice in libraries…this one guy had the nerve to turn around at me every time I coughed (which was like every other minute) and give me like this little look. HELLO!?! Do you really think I enjoy coughing? People..

Wednesday I shared my post on Jessica’s “Better Than Crack Brownies”.

If by some minuscule chance you have not heard of her blog, it is called How Sweet It Is and you must go there immediately! Well…after you finish up over here :). Anyways, I have been dying to make her “Better Than Crack Brownies” for like ever because she like always talks about them. I love Jessica’s blog; it was actually the first food blog that I ever read. She was the one who got me hooked on food, baking specifically. Because of her, I am now responsible for all the crazy recipes that are concocted, tried, failed, and loved in my house. Thanks Jessica! :)

I had another ACT tutoring session Wednesday…boy, do those things wear me out!! But hey a guy walked into the girls bathroom while I was blowing my nose, so that was kind of funny. I felt a little bad for him though, he looked pretty embarrassed. At least he just saw me blowing my nose! I’ve come so close to making the same mistake, especially in restaurants. Like seriously, why do they make the sign so confusing?! I don’t need you to put mermaids or make it fancy. Please, for everyone’s sake, just write men or women! Sheesh. But I won’t completely go into this little thing because I could write for days on bathroom signs, I really could.

Thursday I finally got my hair cut. I say finally because, well I’m a hair nazi. Yes, guilty. I LOVE my hair long. I NEED my hair long. When you cut my hair short, well, you really have something coming for ya. I’m the type of person who needs long hair to twirl and play with when I’m bored in class. I need it to look like, well, me! Getting hair cuts is a very bittersweet time for me. On one hand, I love the feeling of the hair washer person massaging your scalp and the hot water being spray on your head. It’s all quite soothing. I also love how healthy and light my hair feels when the cut is done and how it just seems to be all swishy and you can just swish it here, swish it there, just swish it everywhere!

And then….dum, dum, dum. I realize how much hair got cut off. I freak out. How long is this going to take to grow back? Don’t they know I need my hair for warmth!? It February for crying out loud! What am I going to do when I’m bored in class?!!!?! It’s all so much, but you know what? My hair looks pretty fabulous right now ;). I love how it turned out and I’m glad I finally went in to get those dead ends chopped off. Want to know how long it had been since I got it cut?…ok, it’s bad. I’m warning you. Don’t scream! A whole year.. yikes.

Friday I shared some of the recipes that I think would make the perfect Super Bowl Sunday, because we all know Super Bowl Sunday is really all just about the food and commercials ;). I also finally got to bake again after like two weeks of a hole in my heart where baking was! It was sad, but getting’ back in the kitchen made the wait even sweeter. But I will share more about those goodies I made latahh ;). Till then, adios amigos!

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