Week in Review (2/6-2/10)

Monday I finally feel almost completely better!! Woohooo! I also showed what magic can be done to cookies with coconut. Hello gooey coconut yumminess! Coconut lovers, this ones for you :)

Tuesday I’m like right there 90% better and I just cranked through my work like a rock star. Ever have those days where it just flies by and you’re flying right with it?

Wednesday I finally tried The Pioneer Woman‘s Cinnamon Rolls. HOLY MOLY, there is a reason why this woman is on the Food Network. Because she’s a genius with cinnamon rolls. These babies alone could get you on TV. No doubt. My post brought the recipe down to just 10 cinnamon rolls….instead of the the monstrous amount the original recipe yields.

I also had my last ACT tutoring session (3 cheers to that!) and feel 100% good to go for taking the real thing Saturday!

Thursday I had like the complete opposite day of Tuesday. Me and work were just not going to get along. It’s Thursday. I’m ready for the weekend. Paah-lease, you really want me to finish an economics packet and physics packet. Fine…but it will be at like 10:30 at night because I’m pretty much OCD about homework and can’t fall asleep without it being done. I was also on my own for dinner (which I actually like, so I can experiment!) and I made a fabulous wrap. Why is it fabulous, you ask? Because it was delicious and made me feel healthy. I’ll share it with you guys later! :)

Friday I tried something that I have no idea how anybody came up with. Seriously, who thinks of putting black beans in brownies? Well let me tell you, these brownies have such a deep, rich chocolate flavor that you would never even be able to tell that they are lower in fat and high in protein. Thumbs up to that!

Another exciting thing that happened? I’m BETTER!!!! No more ridiculous coughing! No more medicine (YUCK)!!!!

This morning (Saturday) I’m taking the ACT! fsadkfhaslkdjfhiu AHHH! Let’s hope I get a perfect score, how awesome would that be!?!?

How was your week??

Random Fact of the Day: A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot tall child inside.