Red Hen Bread

Well looky here, I ate some bread! 

I actually decided to try this bread the other night with my family at dinner and I could not live on with the rest of my life without posting about it with you guys. This bread is fantastic. We had pulled pork sandwiches with it and let me tell you, it was incredible. Now I know I am still talking about bread here and not chocolate-covered-things like I normally am, so this really means something here! This bread has that kind of taste that makes you feel like your mom made it.

I might not be the best person to be making that comparison, considering my mom has not made bread from scratch for us (I mean I’m sure it’d take like 2 minutes to whip up right? Come on, she’s totally slacking! Just kidding…love you mom).

Anyhooo, this bread has this light texture but a very soft, yummy crustiness to it that you can taste just enough crust to be happy but not too much where your mouth must flex it’s strongest muscles to chew (I think we all know what I’m talking about here). I’m pretty sure you could stuff this bread into a pillow case and fall asleep in under a minute. So soft and tasty!

This bread is from this adorable little bakery restaurant place called Red Hen Bread. They are located in the Chicago area, but if you happen to own a restaurant or just want to order their bread, you totally can! You can click here to go straight to their website, if you click here you can actually order a gift basket of cookies or rolls which is like an amazing idea for anybody for any occasion like even if you want to send your favorite blogger some cookies *hint, hint*,  and then you can click here to find out how to purchase their baked goods wholesale. Their pastries looks ah. maze. ing. And how could I turn away from a cookie called the Chocolate Bomb? (then again, who could?!) Contact Red Hen Bread by clicking here, so you can get in on the goodies!

Another thing that I loved about Red Hen was reading their about us page (which you can read here), I love their philosophy and what they stand for. It’s so fun reading about people who start a business for such a humble reason (like, just to “bake great bread”) and then have it turn into a business where they ship their products to places across the country so other people can enjoy their hard work. It’s so inspiring to see how people can put so much care and effort into something they value so much.

Alright, I know I sound like a broken record here but you must try this bread. I have so many ideas in my head of what I would do if I had 512397893 loaves of this bread. Bread pudding, pulled pork sandwiches (already did it, dee-lish), homemade crouton, garlic bread, monster BLT’s, Italian beef sandwiches, a big old meatball sub, I guess I might as well say any sandwich…anyways, if ya catch my drift here, I’m trying to tell you guys I think I found out I will never go on a no carb diet because this bread is worth every freaking carb in the world!

P.S. We got another giant loaf of bread from Red Hen Bread a few days after I wrote this post and it is like totally the perfect pillow size. This is dangerous, somebody may or may not catch me sleeping on this bad boy. It’s probably even better than those fancy temper-pedic pillows…however, I suggest eating the bread rather than getting your hair all over it. ;)

Random Fact of the Day: Before she became a successful pop artist, Madonna worked at Dunkin’ Donuts.