Week in Review (2/13-2/17)

Monday I showed you guys a little cake mix cookie recipe I concocted. Peanut butter cookies are one of my faves and I just had to figure out a way to make them using a cake mix. Yes, my priorities in life are right on track!!

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day and I showed you all how much I love you by sharing a review of some fantastic bread. Yes, that is true love right there <3 I hope you all had a lovely day and told somebody you love them.

Wednesday I showed you guys one of my favorite things to do with leftovers. Wraps are the best invention in the history of the world, so use up that old chicken, or turkey, or ham or whatever the heck you’ve got in your fridge and USE them! Seriously, wasted food is not cool. It breaks my heart when people throw out perfectly good food when there are plenty of people in this world starving.

Thursday it was my dad’s birthday and we celebrated by going out to a nice restaurant! As much as I may not show it, I really do love my dad and am thankful to have him in my life. It was really nice being able to spend a day celebrating that. I, of course, made him a birthday treat which I will share with you guys later ;)

Friday I shared a second healthy recipe this week. Like real food. It was broccoli cheddar soup and my goodness, it was super easy and not too far off from Panera’s famous broccoli cheddar soup. I also had the day off of school but still managed to have a super busy day, full of baking and cooking up some new recipes. I always feel like I’m trying to get through piles of recipes that never seem to get any smaller! #FoodBloggerProblems

Today I’m taking an official visit to U of I with a real tour. I have of course visited there several times when I have visited my sister, but it will be interesting to see what it is like on the “real” tour.

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