Week in Review (4/2-4/6)

Hey there April, welcome! This week on Beautiful Disasters…

Monday I showed you guys the High Protein Energy Balls. Super yummy and perfect for a quick bite. I loved having these around to just pop in my mouth before practice or have a couple before a big game. Great tasting, and pretty darn good for ya :)

Tuesday we had our first conference game of the soccer season and won 6-2. Awesome start to the season! Always fun to jump out with a big win to boost your confidence.

Wednesday I showed you guys the cheesy garlic drop biscuits I made. Super duper easy and pretty tasty. I love that you can totally change this basic recipe to whatever spices and ingredients you want in there. You can really spice these guys up by adding any herbs or spices you like, different cheeses, BACON, peppers, chocolate, you know…whatever works.

Thursday we had another soccer game…against the 3rd best team in the nation. We ended up losing 3-1, but hey, I think that’s an alright fight against 3rd in the country. It’s no win, but we did stop their shut-out streak!

Friday was a pretty great day! I had no school, I got to visit the wonderful kitchen of Red Hen and see where all the magic is made! My brother also came home for the weekend from LA!! Oh yeah, and I shared this yummy grilled honey chicken recipe with ya. Awesome for the grilling season, which is thankfully right about here! (hopefully I didn’t jinx myself there. You never quite know with this crazy Chicago weather)

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