Week in Review (4/30-5/4)

Hey there! Another week in the life of Beautiful Disasters has come and gone, once again. Let’s review!

Monday I shared with you guys my April Secret Recipe Club post! I loved hosting my blog this month and the recipe I made, Cinnamon Pull Apart Bubble Bread, was absolutely incredible. So yummy and delicious! Obviously you can hardly ever go wrong with cinnamon and sugar. ;)

Wednesday I finally proved that I have an ounce of self control and was able to put the spoon down and actually BAKE with cookie butter! I made some cookie butter cookies that are absolutely cookilicious. It’s a word.

Thursday I had a soccer game, so our team took the bus all the way there. Got there. Saw lightning. Waited about a half hour. Then they decided to reschedule the game. Seriously one of the most annoying things you can do to a soccer player right there. So much wasted time! Anyways, I really just felt like I needed to do something when I got home. Wanna know what I did? Biked 13 miles on the exercise bike. Now I don’t know about you but that A FREAKING TON to me! It felt great though. I’ve been thinking about doing a triathlon this summer, and if I want to do it, I know I’m going to have to be able to bike a lot more than 13 miles!

Friday I showed you guys a tasty pasta salad recipe. Only recently have I discovered my love for pasta salad. It’s perfect!! Refreshing, delicious, light, yet starchy. Tasty, tasty, tasty! Friday was quite the busy day for me. This is what went down…I went to school (of course!), then I had two meetings for soccer, got my nails done for prom after waiting an hour and a half in the nail salon, then I got my spray tan for prom after waiting a little bit there, too, then I finally got home around 8. I’d like to clear one thing up, I AM NOT the tanning type! This is like the first time I have ever gotten one, but I have a yellow dress so I felt like you kind of need to look tan for that. Plus, I have some pretty funky tan lines from soccer.

Today I have PROM!! WOHOOOO! So excited :) I have a game this morning though which is a wiiittle bit inconvenient, but hey, it’s keeping this interesting. I will just be running around ALL DAY today. Then, of course, everybody always does something the following day, so we’re going to 6 Flags Great America. Can’t even remember the last time I went to Six Flags, but I’m a sucker for roller coasters, so I’m super excited!! I’ll post pictures for you all next week

Random Fact of the Day: Philematology is the scientific study of kissing.

P.S. Feliz Cinco de mayo!

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