Week in Review (6/11-6/15)

Another caaahrazy week! My second job as a swim instructor started this week, and the kids I am teaching are like the energizer bunny times a million so I have WORN out!! Here we go…

Tuesday I showed you guys some homemade chocolate pudding. Perfect recipe for when you have some spare egg yolks or just want a rich and decadent treat!

Wednesday I shared with you all some Flourless Chocolate Mufcakes. These were awesome! They are perfect warmed up just a bit topped with some ice cream or whipped cream..or both!

Friday I brought out Gram’s Apple Cake. Seriously guys, this thing is awesome. It was gone in less that two days and I only got one little slice…and it is just me and my parents in the house. Pretty sure my dad ate 80% of it!!

Random Fact of the Day:¬†The average American drinks about 600 sodas a year. I am proud to say I’ve had NONE in the past year!! :)

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