Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches-SRC Post!

It’s that time again!

Time for a little bit of the Secret Recipe Club (SRC), if you aren’t familiar with the whole SRC family and concept, you can read and find out more about it over here. Long story short, it’s a super fun group of bloggers with a cool idea that helps us get to know more bloggers and expand each other’s blogs.

This month I was assigned to get to know Erin over at The Spiffy Cookie. I just can NOT get enough of the adorable name and the cute little cookies all over her blog!!! She is currently working towards her PhD in Biomedical Science (woooeeeeeee! That sounds super impressive!!!) and her favorite food group is dessert which is awesome because mine totally is too!! If your favorite food group is not dessert…then I don’t know how you like qualify for being human. Anyways, she also dislikes mushrooms. I am the SAME way. They are just freaky and are a fungus and just not meant to go in my mouth.

With a blog name like The Spiffy Cookie I felt slightly obligated to make a cookie recipe. And I was THISCLOSE to making her Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Cookies, but then I just could not tear myself away from her intriguing Root Beer Pulled Pork. It was a close race but I ended up going with the pork.

You should stop by her post and see her outrageous root beer bottle collection, it is MONSTROUS!!!

You should also make this pulled pork. It is super duper yummy, flavorful, easy, and tender. I put all the meat and root beer in the crock pot in the morning, had it on for 6 hours while I was at work, got home drained it and added the BBQ sauce and put it on the warm setting, worked out, then came home and ate myself a scrumptious pulled pork sandwich. This recipe is perfect for any busy person who wants a delicious, home cooked meal!! :)

Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches

(from The Spiffy Cookie)

2lb. pork tenderloin (pork shoulder or butt can also be used)

12 oz. can of root beer

18 oz. bottle of barbecue sauce

8 hamburger buns or french bread

  1. Place the pork tenderloin in a slow cooker and pour the can of root beer over the meat. Cover and cook on low for 6 hours or until pork shreds easily with a fork.
  2. After pork has cooked, drain and discard the root beer. Shred the pork (I used 2 forks to do this) and place it back in the slow cooker. Pour the barbecue sauce over the pork and stir to combine. Serve immediately or keep warm in slow cooker until ready to serve. Serve on hamburger buns or with french bread.

Random Fact of the Day: The State of Florida is bigger than England.

20 thoughts on “Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches-SRC Post!

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  2. Yum! This looks awesome! I made root beer sloppy joes all the time, but definitely need to try it in pulled pork! :) Erin (and her blog) is super cute, I definitely check it out all the time!

  3. i adore the simplicity of this pulled pork recipe. and a little root beer never hurt anyone, right? ;) i actually love root beer but restrict myself to having it only when i go to the movies. i could probably make an exception for this.

    happy src reveal, friend!

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