promming! (PART ONE)

Note: I wrote this entire “Promming!” post in a single post and decided it was just plain too long and that nobody could possibly stay interested in my weird stories for that long sooo I split this little “promming!” shebang into two posts. Read on lovahs! P.S. sorry for no recipe, one will be coming at you soon. I’ve had zero time to even think about making a recipe and taking pictures and everything.

Okay, so I know I told you guys last Saturday that I would post pictures up from prom…so here we go. I’m not going to put up any of my date and I because I’m not sure how he’d feel about that if he just somehow found himself on some random blog. I know it’s unlikely and all and I’m just flattering myself but…I’m not going to risk it. Ehh well maybe one faceless pictures, that’s ok..right?!

I consider this okay…his face isn’t showing!

Here’s how it all went down. Starting from Friday. I went to school like any good junior girl in high school would do. That’s me! Then I had two meetings for soccer. Went straight to my nail appointment.

Now I’m not sure how this is anywhere else, but a nail appointment at the place I go to means NOTHING. I waited over an hour for my “appointment”. After the long mani/pedi I headed over to the tanning salon. Let me set the record straight here. I am not a person who ever goes tanning. This was strictly for prom. I had a yellow dress, bad tan lines, a ghostly chest. It was inevitable. I am not jersey shore wannabe. I have never actually seen a full episode of jersey shore, despite the rave reviews from my friends….*gag*.

After the tanning salon, I finally got home around 8:30 and was finally able to eat dinner. I was kind of close to eating the seat belt when I was driving home because I was so hungry. Not really, but if it was covered in chocolate I think we all know how it would go down.

On Saturday morning, I started out with a soccer game at 11:30. We had to be at our meeting by 10 A.M., so I consider that a slightly early Saturday morning for me. We won our game (woohoo!) then every junior and senior left the field in a full track sprint to their cars to get to their hair and make-up appointments for prom. Some people literally had 5 minutes to make it to their appointments. Thankfully I was able to take a quick shower to wash off the mud (it was rainy during our game, by the way) but I didn’t wash my hair because apparently thats a giant no-no for up-do’s. Thankfully my hairdresser was able to put dry shampoo in and make me smell and look all pretty.

Random Fact of the Day: Subway was started by 17 year-old, Frank DeLuca who was only looking for a way to pay for medical school.

Week in Review (3/19-3/23)

Hey guys! What a hectic week I had this week!!! The high school soccer season officially kicked off this week with THREE games.

Monday you guys saw the grilled potato wedges I made. I love pretty much any potato/fry thing but I really liked how I didn’t have to turn on the oven when I was making these, because it was like 94801 degrees!! I also had my first high school game for the season, and we ended up tying, which I guess is okay but not as fun as a win.

Tuesday my team and I had another game.We tied AGAIN. We played against a much better team and even though we tied I think we did pretty good and held our own very well. We have a lot of new players on the team this year, so it has definitely been an adjustment.

Wednesday I showed you guys my new little version of a grilled cheese sandwich. BBQ chicken grilled cheese. Deeee-lish! Kind of like a BBQ chicken pizza, sandwich style! Perfect for those night where you just want a sandwich and some chips.

Thursday I had my third soccer game of the week. It was crazy! Total downpour, on and off, thunder and lightning, sitting waiting for the lighting to stop, finally starting the game back up around 8:15 and unfortunately finishing in a loss. It was super frustrating to go through all of that to come out with a loss, but I can guarantee they will have no chance against us next time we play them. Watch out!!

Friday I shared with you a first guest post ever!!! I know, I can be a little bit of a tease ;). Also, I just found out that the post won’t be posted until Monday, April 9th. I totally thought it was going to be this upcoming Monday (the 29th) but that just goes to show…never assume or you’ll make a you-know-what out of U and ME. So basically, I feel terrible about spilling the beans like 3 weeks early, so just sit here and stare at this picture for 3 weeks. Or just make some cake. Whatever floats your boat all the way until Monday, April 9th and then you can jump over to The Heritage Cook and see what all the fuss is about. This cake is was ah-mazing. I wish I could like transport it through the computer screen so my sister could enjoy some for her birthday, while she’s in Spain. Oh well, just an excuse to make it again!

Today (Saturday) is my sister’s birthday and I’m leaving for Florida today for Spring Break. What an exciting/fun/incredible day! So excited!!

Random Fact of the Day: ‘Jedi’ is an official religion, with over 70,000 followers, in Australia.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are several things in life I am not sure I will ever understand.

One of them would probably have to be high school kids. Not all high school kids, but quite a few. My days in my high school consist of me seeing other high schoolers doing the following…

listening to their iPods, WHILE there is music being played in the hallway speakers. Is your music really that important to you? Ok, that’s not that horrible, it just looks pretty funky to me.

And then there are the groups of kids who insist on taking up the entire hallways by walking side by side, so their little “pack” can pretty much bulldoze anybody over who is trying to walk in the opposite direction.

Lastly, and definitely the MOST ANNOYING…is some couple’s PDA. I’m not trying to sound jealous here or anything, like truly it’s great that two kids like and care for each other. I’m sure you two will be happily married, have 3 kids and live in a mansion together in 30 years. But seriously, must you lick each other’s faces off before each class?! I don’t even really mind seeing couples hold hands, but please do not bring out the tongues into any innocent, non intentional viewers. Please. I don’t even real understand how some couples can act so excited to see each other every passing period, like HELLO?! you just saw them like 45 minutes ago…But really I’m all for high school relationships. I insist.

Okay, now that you have heard my little ramble (I promise I’ll write something happy and positive about my school some other time to make up for my complaining. PROMISE!) on my school we can continue onto something fabulous.Double chocolate chip cookies. They’re like the good ‘ol classic chocolate chip cookies, but with DOUBLE the chocolate. If that isn’t greatness in a bite, then I don’t know what is!

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Cream together butter and sugars in electric mixer until well blended. Add eggs and beat until well-incorporated. Mix in vanilla extract. Beat in cocoa powder. Mix in both flours, salt, and baking powder until just combined. Stir in chocolate chips.
  3. Scoop cookie dough onto cookie sheet by about the tablespoonful, 2 inches apart. (I made mine a bit on the smaller side, the bigger they are though they better cookie you will have. TRUE FACT)
  4. Bake in preheated oven for 16-20 minutes. Chocolate cookies like these are easy to over cook because of their color so you can’t really see when the edges are browning, you will know they are done if you just touch the edge of a cookie and it feels firm and the tops/centers are still fairly soft. Let cool on a rack and store in an air tight container when completely cool.
Random Fact of the Day: There are more 100 dollar bills in Russia currently than there are in the United States.