Gram’s Apple Crisp

I hope you all noticed this is Gram’s apple crisp, so you just know this recipe is going to be good.

Fact: Gram was not capable of making a bad recipe.


Fact number two: Apple desserts are best and most acceptable in the Fall



Fact number three: If a dessert has apples in it, it is totally acceptable for breakfast


Fact number four: Apple crisp is dangerously delicious and you will find yourself eating super tempted to eat it all straight out of the dish

Well that’s it for today. P.S. Welcome fall and fall recipes!!! Love this kind of baking :) Many more of them to come!!

Gram’s Apple Crisp

3 large granny smith apples, peeled and sliced thinly

1 cup white sugar

about 1 Tablespoon ground cinnamon

3/4 cups brown sugar

3/4 cups flour (I used 1/4 cup whole wheat, 1/2 cup all-purpose)

3/4 cups oats

1/3 cup butter, melted

about 1/2 cup chopped nuts, like pecans, walnuts, or almonds (optional)

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Place (peeled and thinly sliced) apples, white sugar, and ground cinnamon in a large bowl and thoroughly mix together until apples are completely coated. Spread coated apples in a layer on the bottom of a 8×8 or 9×9 square baking dish.
  3. In a separate bowl, combine brown sugar, oats, flour, and melted butter until combined. Cover apples with oat mixture, completely. Use all of this topping! It may seem like a lot, but trust me, it’s delicious. Top with nuts, if desired.
  4. Bake in preheated oven for 45-50 minutes.

Random Fact of the Day: The “Spanish Flu” of 1918, which killed at least 50 million people world-wide, originated in Kansas, not Spain

Week in Review (5/13-5/18)

What a week!! I gave the blog a new little look in case you haven’t noticed, and I made some yummy food! :)

Sunday I went a little out of the order that I usually do things around here, I posted a special post for Mother’s Day! I love my mom SO much, so I thought she deserved her very own post. I also shared with you guys a yummy recipe for chocolate pound cake, that is super chocolatey and rich :)


Tuesday I shared with you guys how to make homemade peanut butter! I made dry roasted honey peanut butter, but the recipe is so adaptable that you can make pretty much any kind of peanut butter you can think of. So many possibilities for mix-ins, like oreos or chocolate chips for a sweet twist! I also  had my first playoff game for soccer. As luck would have it, lightning started coming out 5 minutes into the second half and the score was 0-0, so we had to stop the game and wait for a while to see if the lightning would stop. Of course the lightning never stopped, so we decided to make up the rest of the game (35 minutes) the next day and….

Wednesday to continue from Tuesday, we finished the rest of the 35 minutes in our game (after driving 45 minutes just to get TO the game), and we won 3-0! I scored, too!! :) It would have been nice if we could have just done that on Tuesday so we wouldn’t have had to come back to finish the rest of the game, but a win is a win so I was pretty happy that we would continue our playoff journey to Friday’s game against the number 1 team in the state.

Thursday I talked about how to tell when a goldfish is pregnant, you never know when that information will come in handy!!  I also shared with you guys a recipe for taco seasoning. Perfect for adding some flavor to chicken, beef, or oven fries! Another exciting thing that happened Thursday was that my sister came home from Spain!! So nice to finally have her back :)

Friday I had my next playoff game. It was for the regional finals, we ended up losing after a tough game. I’m really proud of our team for the way we put our hearts into that game and left everything on the field. We lost to the number one team in the state and they are ranked 3rd nationally. We lost 3-1 with them scoring their 3rd goal in the last two minutes. It wasn’t ideal that we lost, but if we were to lose to someone, that team and game were an alright way to finish the season. It sure is going to be weird going from playing with and seeing these girls on my team everyday to hardly seeing them at all. I loved our team this year, and am so proud that we accomplished way more than anybody ever expected us to!

Random Fact of the Day: The Hawaiian Islands were originally named the ‘Sandwich Islands’

Week in Review (3/19-3/23)

Hey guys! What a hectic week I had this week!!! The high school soccer season officially kicked off this week with THREE games.

Monday you guys saw the grilled potato wedges I made. I love pretty much any potato/fry thing but I really liked how I didn’t have to turn on the oven when I was making these, because it was like 94801 degrees!! I also had my first high school game for the season, and we ended up tying, which I guess is okay but not as fun as a win.

Tuesday my team and I had another game.We tied AGAIN. We played against a much better team and even though we tied I think we did pretty good and held our own very well. We have a lot of new players on the team this year, so it has definitely been an adjustment.

Wednesday I showed you guys my new little version of a grilled cheese sandwich. BBQ chicken grilled cheese. Deeee-lish! Kind of like a BBQ chicken pizza, sandwich style! Perfect for those night where you just want a sandwich and some chips.

Thursday I had my third soccer game of the week. It was crazy! Total downpour, on and off, thunder and lightning, sitting waiting for the lighting to stop, finally starting the game back up around 8:15 and unfortunately finishing in a loss. It was super frustrating to go through all of that to come out with a loss, but I can guarantee they will have no chance against us next time we play them. Watch out!!

Friday I shared with you a first guest post ever!!! I know, I can be a little bit of a tease ;). Also, I just found out that the post won’t be posted until Monday, April 9th. I totally thought it was going to be this upcoming Monday (the 29th) but that just goes to show…never assume or you’ll make a you-know-what out of U and ME. So basically, I feel terrible about spilling the beans like 3 weeks early, so just sit here and stare at this picture for 3 weeks. Or just make some cake. Whatever floats your boat all the way until Monday, April 9th and then you can jump over to The Heritage Cook and see what all the fuss is about. This cake is was ah-mazing. I wish I could like transport it through the computer screen so my sister could enjoy some for her birthday, while she’s in Spain. Oh well, just an excuse to make it again!

Today (Saturday) is my sister’s birthday and I’m leaving for Florida today for Spring Break. What an exciting/fun/incredible day! So excited!!

Random Fact of the Day: ‘Jedi’ is an official religion, with over 70,000 followers, in Australia.

Chocolate Mousse Stuffed Yellow Cupcakes

Lent is coming. It starts Wednesday in case you haven’t heard yet…

My family usually gives up sweets for Lent. It NEVER EVER fails to be a monstrous challenge. So we (I) like to really load up on Tuesday. Some of you may know it as “Fat Tuesday”. So here we are, making some good ‘ol cupcakes, perfect for Fat Tuesday!

Now because my family and I give up sweets for Lent, that means that there are most likely not going to be too many cupcake and cookie recipes on here for a while…Just warning ya. There will probably be some granola bar and muffin-type recipes on here that will help me control my sweet tooth! We do, however, make exceptions for certain occasions. My sister’s birthday always happens to fall in the middle of Lent and even though she is like a gajillion miles away, in Spain, we will probably still have a slice of pie or cake in honor of her day ;)

These cupcakes are a little bit like my Snickers Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes that I absolutely adore. I can’t get enough of the chocolate mousse filling. It is seriously the easiest thing everrr! No eggs required. Just TWO ingredients!!

I always happen to end up with a bit of extra mousse, which is awesome because you can make little mousse cups like I did above, or frost some cupcakes like I did below.

For this recipe, I used a box mix that we bought during the post-Christmas sales. It is a Christmas funfetti cake mix, but I do recommend buying these mixes when you see them on sale because for one, you can sometimes get them where the sprinkles aren’t yet mixed in.

Two, if the sprinkles are already mixed in the mix, you can just add more multi-colored sprinkles to drown out the holiday-ness of the mix.

Three, the boxed mixes don’t expire for usually about a whole year.

So here you have it. Delicious cupcakes with a delicious little surprise anybody would be happy to discover inside :)

Chocolate Mousse Stuffed Yellow Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Buttercream

1 yellow (or funfetti) cake mix (Plus ingredients listed on box to prepare cupcakes)

2 cups heavy cream

2 cups chocolate chips

1 1/2 sticks butter, softened

3 1/4 cups powdered sugar

1/3 cup cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s Special Dark)

1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

pinch of salt

3 Tablespoons milk, or as needed

  1. Prepare and bake cupcakes as directed on box. Let cool for at least 30 minutes or pop them in the fridge for about 10 minutes if you’re impatient.
  2. Meanwhile, prepare mousse by whipping heavy cream until stiff peaks form and it looks like whipped cream. Melt chocolate and gently fold into whipped cream until thoroughly combined. Pipe mousse filling into cooled cupcakes.
  3. Prepare buttercream by beating butter and vanilla until creamy. Mix in cocoa powder, salt, and powdered sugar. Add milk as needed until you have achieved your desired consistency for frosting. Frost cupcakes and enjoy! Top with sprinkles or chopped up candy, if desired.

Random Fact of the Day: Women have a better sense of smell than men.

Mini Peanut Butter Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Mmm you all clearly know I love peanut butter. And Oreos.

This was just bound to happen.

It’s kind of like my own little tribute to the parent trap (go to 3:40 :)) Anyways, I know I said I made an ice cream pie for my birthday…but that was for a pre-birthday celebration. My sister was leaving for Spain the day before my actual birthday so we had to have two celebrations. Yeah, it’s rough celebrating your birthday twice ;)

Anyways, for my REAL birthday we had to have another treat. What is a birthday without cake?!? So since I lovveee ice cream cakes, I went with a cookies and cream layer of ice cream smooshed between two layers of chocolate cake, frosted with peanut butter cookies and cream frosting. To finish it all off, I dumped some ganache on top. YUM!

Now, if you know me at all you may be asking “Casey, why the heck are you making such a tiny cake for your birthday?!”. Well here it is, see with the ice cream pie, we had 5 people in the house (my sister, my sister’s boyfriend, my dad, mom and me) but now my sister’s boyfriend is back at school and my sister is in Spain so now it is down to the 3 amigos (My parents will love and cherish this moment that I called them my “amigos” FYI) and even though I have no doubt that we could handle a real sized cake-especially since my dad ate about half the ice cream pie himself! haha!!…it is probably best that we stick with the little size and have 3 human portions.

This. Frosting. Rocks. I was a little nervous (I don’t know why…hello?! peanut butter and oreos, PERFECTION) but the frosting turned out absolutely fabulous. Everything I hoped and dreamed of and beyond. It would be perfect for just a basic yellow or chocolate cupcake. If you don’t make this cake, MAKE THE FROSTING. Okay, I hope you fully understand now how much this frosting could potentially change your life. Have a lovely day :)

Mini Peanut Butter Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream Cake

1 Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake Mix (plus ingredients on box), Prepared

1  cup Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream

1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened

1 jar peanut butter  (16.3 oz.) (Yes, 1 WHOLE jar)

2-3 cups powdered sugar

1/4 cup milk

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

pinch of salt

10 Oreos, crushed

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Prepare cake according to directions on box. Bake according to directions on box if you want a 8 or 9 inch cake! If you want to make a mini cake like I did, this is what I did… I used a 6 inch spring-form pan, I sprayed it with cooking spray and spread a tiny bit of flour around, and used all but about 1/2 cup of the prepared cake mix it would probably be fine if you just used it all or you can use the rest to make a cupcake or two-whatever your heart desires! Bake in the 6-inch springform in a 355 degree F oven for 35-40 minutes or until center springs back when touched and a toothpick in the center comes out clean.
  2. Meanwhile, set your ice cream out on the counter to soften.
  3. Once cake is baked, remove from oven and let cool. I was impatient so I stuck mine in the fridge….then I put it in the freezer (I told you I’m impatient!) Once cake is cooled, level top of cake by cutting with a serrated knife or sliding a string across horizontally. Remove cake from cake pan and if making a mini cake, cut cake that was in springform pan into 2 equal layers. If using a 8 or 9 inch cakes, simply remove from cake pans, wrap in plastic wrap and pop in the fridge or freezer.
  4. Using the same size cake pan you just used, lay a layer of plastic wrap in the bottom making sure the plastic wrap is long enough to go up the sides as well (this helps for easy removal). Spread softened ice cream in the cake pan. Be aware of how much ice cream you are putting in there, you want to make sure your ice cream layer is thick enough but you don’t want there to be a HUGE block of ice cream in your cake!
  5. Meanwhile, make your frosting. Cream the butter with a mixer until creamy. Mix in vanilla extract and salt. Beat in peanut butter until smooth. Beat in powdered sugar. Mix in milk until it no longer looks liquidey, but looks smooth. Add more powdered sugar or milk as needed until you have your desired consistency. Stir in crushed Oreos. Set frosting aside, if you aren’t going to be using it for a while pop it in the refrigerator
  6. To make the ganache: place chocolate chips in a heat proof bowl and set aside. Heat cream in a heavy saucepan until boiling, it will increase in volume-be sure to take it off the heat before it overflows! Pour hot cream over chocolate and stir until completely mixed together and combined. Set aside to cool for a few minutes before pouring over frosted cake.
  7. Once ice cream layer is firm, remove from cake pan and peel off plastic wrap. Take cake layers out and place one layer cut-side-up on the plate you will be using to serve. Place ice cream layer on top. Top with final cake layer, cut-side-down. Finally, frost cake and pour ganache over the top.

Random Fact of the Day: January is National Jump Out of Bed Month.